Hummer H4 Review


Automotive News reported about the plan of General Motors to introduce a new concept of Hummer, which will be named as the Hummer H4. According to the manufacturer, this model is designed with the influence of Jeep Wrangler. In fact, they said that this model will be the greatest competitor of Jeep Wrangler at the Auto Show that will be held in Detroit.

Basically, the size of Hummer H4 is very much similar with the size of the Jeep Wrangler and the idea of this model gives many improvements to the 2010 model of the Hummer. Though, the platform design is not yet clear and not yet being announced, H4 will surely be based on a front-wheel drive version. Generally, H4 will become the shortened version of the model and platform of Colorado. Basically, the appearance, features, specifications of Hummer H4 will not become so different with the Hummer H3’s.

In addition, there is a lot of information about the Hummer truck that will be given and reported as time goes by especially before that time of its launch. However, sources of Automotive News confirmed that Hummer H4 will become a truck version that is very much similar to Hummer H3. Basically, the concept of Hummer H3 gives the manufacturers the idea about the styles and features to incorporate in this newest model.

Therefore, it is expected that this Hummer H4 will boost on sale since Hummer builds so much success when it comes to its sales.  Moreover, Hummer H4 as well as its older model, the Hummer H3, is known to become fuel-efficient vehicles. In this way, you can go on a long driving activity without worrying of running out of diesel. Basically, Hummer H4 is a good addition to a Hummer collection these days because General Motors proved themselves of being one among the best Hummer manufacturers.

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